Get Lean and Burn Fat Fast!

James Winfield Msc Strength and Conditioning Specialist - explains why rebounding will get you Lean!

Our Extreme rebounding workout DVD's are designed to have maximum impact on changing your body shape FAST! Designed by leading fitness industry experts to raise your metabolism and burn calories during and after your workout by working you through different intensity levels. Are you fed up with not seeing the results you were promised after spending hours on the cross trainer or bike in the gym following a boring 'fat burning' programme because some so called expert has told you that you will burn more body fat working at just more than resting intensity! Guess what - you might just burn more body fat if you are prepared to spend 8 hours working at a low intensity. Did the 'gym expert' tell you that you will probably have to work out at that intensity for an hour before even burning any body fat? Probably not!

It's not Rocket science - Fit people burn body fat all day long because they have raised their metabolic rate. So the answer is simple.

Focus your time on GETTING FIT! Not on boring non stimulating low 'fat burning intensities' They don't work long term!  

Work on increasing your fitness levels, and challenge your body. If your body finds working out at slow fat burning intensities easy then why should it change physiologically? Not much effort is required to work at such a low intensity so its not going to require need to have more strength, get stronger and more powerfull. 

Our rebounding programmes are designed using the interval training philosophy. You can't train flat out at 100% maximum exertion for 1 hour, so we need to interval train. Working hard to push ourselves for a period of time and then allow just enough time to recover. So with this type of training and also completing a completely new type of weight bearing exercise like rebounding will really give your body the right ingredients for stimulating your metabolism. Did you know that by interval training your body will continue to burn calories at a much higher rate for up to 5 hours after you finish your workout.

Using our rebounders that are robust enough to take a real pounding and designed to specific specification based on research that will enable you to achieve the highest calorie burn possible from rebounding will put you right on track to achieving your ideal physique!

So what are you waiting for - stop waisting time on non weight bearing activities such as stationary bikes in the gym and get yourself a decent Urban Rebounder, stimulating your body and brain gym, and start start making every minute count!

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