Case Study Adults class

forgym_module1_232x159School/Leisure Centre Name: Esporta Warwickshire
Your Name: Angie Watson
Your Role: Studio Coordinator
Address: Abbey Rd Coventry

The Challenge
What did you want to do? (What problem did you want to address?)
To successfully launch Rebound UK Classes onto our timetable. To have a minimum 65% occupancy rate using 20 reboundersTo improve participant’s fitness, posture, and balance and to provide a high-energy class with minimal impact for members with injuries or impact issues.

Meeting the ChallengeHow did you use the Urban rebounders?

We started with 2 x 45 minute classes in March 2007 and soon expanded to 1 x 45 minute and 2 x 60 minute classes.The classes were so popular we took on another instructor and added another 2 x 60 minute classes.All the classes involve a warm up, an aerobic routine, some sports specific training, a cool down and a stretch.As our classes cover peak and off-peak members. The case study involves members of all ages and abilities.

What difference has this made? (What differences are you seeing in young people e.g. increased participation in curriculum PE/OSHL, attitude, behaviour, achievement and attainment? What evidence do you have?)
From my own observation I lost 7 lbs in 8 weeks. I am more toned and definitely fitter than I have ever been. When I started teaching Rebound UK Classes I was approaching 50 and starting to feel the need to cut down on high impact classes. This has enabled me to continue teaching without further problems.We have seen members participating in classes who previously only used the gym. Retention rates in the classes are tremendous and we still have some of the members participating who did our very first classes.
Fitness rates have gone up especially in the older generation as they don’t feel intimidated by the class.

forgym_main_698x338Here are a few quotes from members:

Four years ago I severely damaged my back, and was not able to do anything until I started to do Pilates 2 years ago. I never thought I would ever be able to do another aerobic class until I discovered  Rebounding 12 months ago
Mr David West

After 4 children Rebound UK Classess has certainly help strengthen my pelvic floor and give me much better bladder control. It is the only class that I have managed to stick at, as it never gets boring.
Sue Cullinane

Two years ago I was awaiting an operation for weak bladder control but after 6 months of Rebound UK classes 2-3 times a week when I went to hospital for my pre-op check up I was told I no longer required the operation. They were amazed and so was I. I know this is due to the rebounding strengthening my pelvic floor muscles and internal organ muscle tissue.  Bernadette Peel

After a back operation 2 years ago, I was advised only to walk, do Pilates and very low impact exercise for 1 year. After that time I was unsure what exercise would be suitable and tried Rebound UK Classes. This is exactly what I needed as it absorbs the impact and I experience no pain. I still have some nerve damage to my lower leg, but find I can do an hours class without any problems. It has helped get me fit and is great for core strengthening which is key to keeping my back healthy. I now do this class twice a week.
Mrs Moira Weir

I enjoy exercising in classes but my knees do not respond well to high impact. I find  Rebounding the only high-energy class that suits me.
I love the fact that every instructor uses his or her own music and ideas. The variety of moves used never ceases to amaze me so it is good fun and never boring.
It has helped me loose weight and keep it off by attending classes regularly.
Yvonne Mobley 45

Why was it a success?

We now have 5 successful classes a week. They are some of our most popular classes on our timetable and usually have a 100% occupancy rate. We now have classes that all levels, abilities and ages can participate in.We also have a large number of male members joining in which is unusual in aerobic type classes.