How to choose a rebounder that’s right for you?

January 27, 2014 by James Winfield - No Comments

For this month’s blog I have chosen to address the topic of ‘buying a rebounder that is right for you’. But before I would like to start by introducing myself to you and our dedicated rebounding company ‘Rebound UK’.

My background is in sports science and I initially graduated from the American College of Sports Medicine and then continued my studies in the Health and fitness arena in the areas of Injury prevention and rehabilitation, as a strength and conditioning coach and a Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist (C.H.E.K Practitioner). I have dedicated my adult life to researching new advancements in the sports medicine and fitness technology fields.

I have seen many ‘fad’ fitness products and programmes come and go but one activity which has been around for decades and has validated researched fitness and health efficacies is ‘Rebounding’. The publicly available and unprecedented health benefits of this simple exercise is becoming one of the most talked about and growing forms of exercise activities in the world. It reaches all populations of people, both genders, young and old and of all fitness ability which is the key to its growing success.

After seeing some dramatic results with some of my clients using the rebounder, I went on a search to source the most versatile, robust and cost effective rebounder I could find in the market place. Having tested several rebounders, some were too softly sprung with rubber bands and bungees, some were sprung to tight with tiny straight springs, I eventually found a perfectly sprung rebounder that I could work with to develop the most effective programmes for weight loss and fitness as well as delivering all the health efficacies that rebounding can offer.

The Urban Rebounder is well designed with large muscle shaped springs that provide a resilient bounce which is neither too soft or too hard and allows the participant to complete easy to follow exercise DVD’s that really deliver amazing results.

There is no need to spend £350 on a rebounder that is sprung so soft that you can’t get out of the mat surface. This can be like trying to run in quick sand! On the other end of the scale if you buy a rebounder for £50 it will not be low impact and probably not going to last you more than a few weeks.
Our rebounders have been designed on research that allows the participant to get maximum benefits and see fantastic results by being sprung at exactly the right tension, that’s also allows you to follow professional rebounding programmes presented by our certified rebound educational training team.

There are so many mini trampolines and rebounders on the market that it is very confusing for the consumer to make the right choice as everyone claims they are selling the best. I think the key is to think what you would like to get out of your rebounder, how long you want it to last and make sure your supplier offers a good level of customer service. There are many product stores and website retailers now selling rebounders as part of their huge catalogue of products. It seems as though they are selling anything from juicers to vitamins! We are a dedicated rebound company that purely specialise in rebound equipment and educational training ensuring that you are supplied with a quality product that has been time tested and really delivers results. We understand the science of rebounding and have developed the best and most effective rebounding workouts available through our experienced international presenting team of exercise professionals.

All of the component parts on our rebounders are replaceable should you ever get a problem and we are always available on the phone to give advice and help. Please contact our qualified team for more information about our products and programmes. Kind regards Rebound UK – Making Exercise FUN!