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Engaging Year 11 Girls in Physical Activity Lunchtime Club. The Challenge;
What did you want to do? (What problem did you want to address?)

Engaging Year 11 girls to participate in PE lessons, in a fun and interesting activity, which is new to them. Also helping to improve fitness and possibility of getting into a fitness class after they leave school. This group was targeted specifically to see if we could find an alternative activity than main stream sport that would interest them more.

The study involved 15 girls aged 15 – 16 years of age who participated in 2 urban Rebounding classes a week. This group are not participating well in PE lessons. They were a mix of fitness levels and we wanted to see if we could find an activity that would be fun and motivating for them.

The students participated in a 30 minute session, focusing on core stability and aerobic movements, aiming to improve fitness. Parts of lessons we incorporated balls within team games focusing of catching and turning.

Meeting the Challenge
What did you do? (How did you do it? What strategies have you used?)
We used a variety of party songs including chart music to engage the students, as most, if not all knew the actions and were able to dance for the duration f the songs. The music seemed to take their mind off how hard they were actually working!

We also used songs for aerobic moves on the rebounder – using a variety of aerobic moves to link a sequence and work on improving fitness.

Following the welcome routine which is the aerobic warm we went in to the Sport specific Section of the workout – we added in balls and incorporated catching and turning to help with balance and coordination and hand eye coordination. This is part of the main game section of the rebounding class.

As this is new, they were all keen as they found it great fun and not as tiring as other activities. All the girls have asked have already put their names down to do Urban Rebounding next term which is great!

What difference has this made? (What differences are you seeing in young people e.g. attitude, behaviour, achievement and attainment? What evidence do you have?)

The pupils are more engaged in these sessions and throughout the session, they were keen to last the whole session, therefore we saw more motivation and enjoyment.

They all had a positive attitude towards the classes and could see the benefits from the workouts. This was supported by feedback from the students completing feedback forms. All the girls were really focused during the class and have already signed up for classes next term.

Do you have a specific example of a young person who has benefitted from participating in the project? (What differences are you seeing? What element of the young person’s 5 hour entitlement has this provided? What have the benefits been?)

Everyone benefited from the classes. We can see an improvement of their fitness levels and attitude towards the lesson.

Why did it work? (What were the critical factors which made this work for you?)

Urban rebounders were new and exciting; they felt they were all of the same ability, which enabled them to all try and not feel embarrassed. Although they were exercising, it was fun and they were able to keep going and some said it didn’t feel like exercise as it wasn’t boring

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