Amazing quick ROI for Leisure Centres

Rebound UK can show a very quick Return on Investment for Council run leisure facilities and independent leisure centres that is between 3 and 5 months! This makes our rebounding programmes very affordable.

This is based on an average council run leisure centre launch that has a part member/casual membership base. All our leisure and community centre run classes charge participants per class or for a course of rebounding classes.

DC leisure in Camberley Surrey has been running classes since 2005. They feature 7 classes a week and still have a waiting lists!

Rebound UK offer a lease option and easy payment terms to help leisure facilities and independent gyms get the programme up and running, with no ongoing license fees! This makes implementation of our fantastic rebound programme much more viable and sustainable than other group fitness programmes not to mention adding something exciting and extremely unique to your facilities timetable. Our inclusive, innovative and fun rebound programme keeps the studio timetable fresh and your members coming back for more! Non members are converted to members and according to many General Manages Urban Rebounding helps with attrition!