Easy Payment terms

We believe that our programme is affordable and very price competitive compared to other products.

We do not charge annual licensing fees and have a lease option to help you get up and running, as well as a staggered repayment plan option.

Return on Investment on average for Leisure centers operating with a part casual membership is less than 5 months!

We have an easy payment agreements with some lesiure centres to help them get started. We give them an option of paying £7.50 per rebounder per week, until the cost of the rebounders is paid off. This way the money you are generating from classes is paying off the weekly cost, making it a cash neutral investment for you. We would be happy to offer this option for your facility to help you get started and have included this model in the spread sheet also with the view that as you see what a fantastic investment our programme is your company chain will start rolling out the programme.

We are established in 8 DC Leisure Council run sites that have all seen a healthy ROI and are all generating profit from our classes. I’m not sure what your outlay is in license fees for BTS programmes but compared to their non profit making classes our programme is an excellent investment.

For more information on pricing and package quotations please contact us.