Easy Storage / High Spec

High Specification

For group exercise classes you need to use specialised rebound units designed specifically for low impact, group exercise classes and safety; to get all the health and fitness benefits that research has shown rebounding delivers, you need to ensure that the specification of the rebounder is to the same high specification that this research was developed on.

There are a lot of cheaper ‘mini trampolines’ on the market that may look similar, but are not built to a high specification with cheaper component parts being used. They are not designed for group exercise use and break easily and are unsafe to use for a group exercise programme.

There are many differences between the Rebound-UK Pro Rebounder, and other manufacturer’s products. The Rebound-UK workouts are designed specifically for the Rebound-UK recommended products and we would not recommend that it is safe to undertake this workout on any other equipment that is not designed to the same specification.

The Rebound-UK Pro Rebounder (and others we recommend) are:

Stable: the weight and dimensions of the product make it very stable (for example, you can stand on the rim of the rebounder and it won’t tip over)

Muscle-shape Springs to right tension: On tightly sprung lightweight units with tiny springs (such as the reebok and pt bounce), the participant can’t push down into the mat (which is part of the proper and safe rebounding technique) as there is not enough “give in the springs” ending in the participant “jumping up” – like on a trampoline – which is not safe on a small unstable unit.


The legs on the Rebound-UK Pro Rebounder unit are spring loaded so they fold away flat for easy storage. On other products you have to spend a lot of time screwing and unscrewing the legs eventually leading to worn thread and broken rebounder legs.

Whenever we run a training course we always bring a normal ‘mini trampoline’ to compare the differences with a professional rebound unit because there is such a dramatic difference in the build quality, look and feel and safety. We have replaced many ‘mini trampoline units’ in clubs, leisure centres and schools.

All instructors are taught how to store the rebounders to make efficient use of storage, and to prolong the life of the equipment. For example, if you have room in your studio, many simply stack the rebounders back to back – like sea shells – in a corner of the room. These can be stacked around 12 high. Alternatively, the legs can be folded down each time and the units stored in a cupboard.   In most classes, the participants themselves stack the rebounders under supervision from the Instructor (like in a step or body pump class).

Note: when storing rebounders, do not stack them so that the legs of one rebounder are resting on the springs or mat of another; this will damage the rebounders over time and will invalidate any warranty (the pro-rebounder is of such high quality it is rare to get warranty concerns; misuse or incorrect storage of equipment is generally evident).


Our rebounders are very easy to maintain. Instructors are taught how to set-up and carry the rebounders to prolong their life (e.g., do not roll or drag them across the floor).

From time to time you will need to apply a little Vaseline to the springs to prevent squeaking – over time the heat in a studio causes the springs to “dry out” and this can lead to squeaking. We also recommend that participants are requested to wipe the mat surface down after every use.

All of the component parts on the rebounder are replaceable so if anything does need replacing over time it can be done so very easily ensuring the long life of the rebounder. The skirt may rip over time where participants stand on the skirt during exercise; please note that the skirt is there for aesthetic reasons only and is not required to undertake the rebound programme; over time many clubs let their rebounders “go nude” !!


Our website contains details of our warranty policy. We offer a commercial warranty for use of rebounders in a commercial environment.   Please note that this warranty is only valid providing the Instructor has been certified by Rebound-UK or Maximus Life Ltd and that proper care has been taken to store the equipment.