Getting started Leisure Centres

Implementing our fantastic high energy rebounding programme in your Leisure centre or Gym is very straight forward.

Developing the Business Case

Our experienced team will be happy to share with you business cases that have been used by previous clients (with their permission) to help you develop the case for investing in the Rebounding programme in your club. Depending on whether you are a members only facility, or a club where people can pay per class, we have clubs that have delivered the ROI in less than 4 months! Please use the Customer Service page to request a call-back and we will be happy to help.

Equipment and REPS accredited training

Once you have purchased the Rebound-UK  professional commercial grade rebound equipment specifically designed for group exercise classes we can then train your instructors on our 1 day REPS accredited training courses to deliver the classes. Training can be done at your club or at one of our public training centres. Leisure centres use our rebounding programmes for studio classes, circuit classes, and one to one training in the gym and personal training setting.  Our customers love our programmes as they are very affordable, fresh and exciting, great fun, attract new members to their facility and we have case studies that show that rebounding classes play a very important part in member retention and new member sales. Unlike many other programmes we do not charge a monthly license fee to our customers. Once you have purchased the equipment from us and trained your instructors you are ready to get your classes under way. Each Instructor who completes our Rebound Training receives a compilation rebound DVD with many routines to keep their classes fresh and members motivated and coming back for more!

Marketing and promoting the classes

Once you have invested in our programme we can make available marketing support such as images, case studies and research material free of charge to ensure you have a successful launch. We can also offer the services of one of our Master Trainers to help you design the launch and to deliver Master Classes as required to help promote the launch. Fees for this are negotiated on an individual basis depending on what is required.