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DC Leisure on Urban Rebounding – what it is, how it works and why everyone should be doing it!

Here we find out what Urban Rebounding is and why it’s proving a popular alternative to mainstream sports. James Winfield MSc, Urban Rebounding Master Trainer, explains.

What is Urban Rebounding?

Urban Rebounding is a group exercise class, which is set to music and performed entirely on a specially designed mini-trampoline with a non-slip surface. The exercise is accomplished by jumping only a few inches off the surface of the rebounder for an effective cardiovascular workout that also strengthens and tones the whole body. There are over 20 different workouts to keep participants motivated and challenged. To see Urban Rebounding in action and get a better idea of what a class is like, visit the website www.rebound-uk.com

Who is it suitable for?

It’s very inclusive and suitable for exercisers aged 8 to 65+! All abilities and fitness levels are catered for as everyone works at their own pace and intensity by controlling how hard they push with their legs.

Rebounding uses the principle of gravity, acceleration and deceleration on a vertical plane to create G-Force. This increased force activates every single cell in the body which adapt and become stronger to produce health benefits. The workout is incredibly low impact as the rebounder absorbs 87% of the shock compared with doing the same exercises on the floor. Research by NASA has proved that rebounding is 68% more effective than jogging, while other scientifically validated projects have shown that it burns more calories, stimulates lymphatic drainage, improves balance and co-ordination, increases cardiovascular fitness and reduces body fat.

How long have you been working with DC Leisure?

Urban Rebounding classes have been held at The Arena Leisure Centre in Camberley since 2005. Earlier this year, we announced a more formal agreement which makes us the exclusive supplier of Urban Rebounding equipment and the accompanying REPs Accredited Instructor Training across the entire DC Leisure estate.

What is the Sport Unlimited scheme?

Sport Unlimited is a £36m Sport England programme which was launched in 2008 as part of the London 2012 participation legacy. Its aim is to get more children playing sport outside school and specifically targets those aged between five and 19 who are not naturally attracted to sport and exercise. DC Leisure is using Sport Unlimited funding to increase the availability of Urban Rebounding within its centres.

Where else has Urban Rebounding proved successful?

We launched our schools programme in Leicestershire in September 2008 and have since expanded into over 100 schools around the UK. Urban Rebounding works really well because it appeals to the non and semi-sporty children, who don’t normally ‘do exercise’. Both boys and girls enjoy taking part and it can be developed across a range of ages – plus it’s great fun!

How else can Urban Rebounding be incorporated?

Some special schools, where children have emotional and learning difficulties, have reported good responses to the Urban Rebounding programme, including improvements in balance, concentration levels and behaviour. It’s appropriate for the over 50s population as it can be tailored to their ability and has also produced some great results when used as part of a GP Referral scheme.

How does Urban Rebounding help DC Leisure?

The versatility and widespread appeal of Urban Rebounding makes it a very popular option within a DC Leisure centre and provides a way of engaging and keeping different populations in exercise. Behind the scenes, an alternative activity such as this can help DC Leisure achieve its client’s objectives, which in turn will help the local authorities meet the Government’s health and fitness agenda.