General Managers Case Studies

Stourport Sports Centre Jason Pitman 2007

We purchased 20 rebounders and trained 3 Instructors originally (freelancers), then 2 more DC Instructors. We store the rebounders stacked in the studio and started with running just 2 Classes per week 16+ years We charged £5.60 per class Non-members income £84 * 4 = £336, Instructor costs = £15.75 * 4 = £63.  Profit – £273 per month. Yes – very popular with members which helps our sites attrition with Urban Rebounding being part of the membership package. Still very popular 5 years 3 months on Jason Pitman, General Manager, said; “Urban Rebounding offers variation to group exercise classes and members love it.  It’s a USP with no local competition (ie village halls, schools, clubs etc).  Supports towards site attrition targets. “  

forgym_main_698x338Camberley Arena leisure Centre Dan Walker – General Manager 2005

We started with 25 rebounders which were capital funded Within the dance studio – and now have 45 rebounders tdue to demand. We run 6 Classes per week – 3 Day time, 2 Evening, 1 Weekend

Kinetika Members and Non-members attend on average 40 per class, March 2011 Occupancy for Rebounding classes 78% Day time, 95% Evening classes nothing.  £1 for first 3 months  £5.70 per class. We dont measure that way but on cost per head against the instructor fee, stands up against our top performing classes. Yes heavily marketed on Sales Tours and Outreach activities Sue, Arena member 5 years said.’Its a good Aerobic workout, no pressure on joints, a good detox and fun. I really like all the instructors’.  Sharon Moher Arena member 6 months  said; ‘Started re-bounding to get fit and lose weight, it has less impact on my knees, good teachers very motivating and I would recommend it to others’.  Kiki Wan Arena member 1 year said;’I do all 6 classes per week.I wanted to try it out first and really enjoyed it, it has kept me coming back for more! Its’s fun, lots of routines, I don’t ache all over the next day either. I love it’. Dan Walker Contract Manager for Surrey Heath said; ‘Urban Rebounding provides a great balance to our workout programme and is a great tool for membership   retention. Our members really enjoy the variety of the classes and the occupancy numbers for the 6 classes we run per week are amongst the best on our programme’. Yes Junior Rebounding class now on the programme and part of the Junior Membership package – running one class per from 8th May         

Wolverhampton Swimming & Fitness Centre Damian Watts, (Sue Cook City Council) 2010 Has purchased over 200+ professional rebound units across council region, and implemented in leisurecentres, schools and community centres.

Council funding via PCT  – kids classes to full capacity. Free on full Kinetika membership within DC Leisure Centre and £4.50 for non members. Class is so popular with members we do not currently have space for non-members. Yes we have feedback from Members verbally saying that they thoroughly enjoy the rebounding classes and keep coming back for more. Damian Watts;  ”Very good class to help with retention and it is as popular now as when we first launched”  If we could charge members, or had capacity for non-members, it would be a very profitable class.  

Xcel Kamran Tirmizey GM – Bethan Wide 2010 – 22 Rebounders were initially purchased and have now added another 10 units due to the popularity of the classes.

We run 2 traditional Urban Rebounding classes, 1 Box and Bounce and 1 bounce beyond class all are so popular. Looking to added circuits now. Everyone who attended paid £1 initially to support launch, now free and £8.95 for non-members. Is very profitable. Bethan Wide says;  “Urban Rebound is a fun, simple and challenging aerobic class that will increase your fitness levels and help you lose weight. Members keep coming back for more and we have attracted new members in to the studio as the classes are very inclusive and great fun! Studio Instructor says “after I returned back to teaching rebound after xmas having had a whole year off due to having a baby. In my first class, I struggled to bounce for 20 mins as a participant, but within 4 weeks of teaching weekly classes, my fitness levels were back to normal. Over a period of about four months, rebound also contributed massively in me losing the three stone of baby weight I had gained. ” “I enjoy rebound because it allows me to work at my own pace. I’m not very co-ordinated so don’t really like aerobic classes, but the simple exercises in rebound allow me to focus on a hard work out, rather than following a complicated routine”  “I love to exercise but suffer with bad knees which can be really frustrating. However, on a rebounder I am able to run and jump and really challenge my body without feeling any pain (apart from the obvious!)  

Energie Wilmslow – Mo Morley Club Owner says – “Urban Rebounding has been a huge hit since we launched in September 2011. Members love it and are seeing results already. The Rebound UK training team delivered a one day training course on site which was great fun. We have bought another 5 rebounders due to demand. A big hit!”