Gifted and Talented Kids

Case Study Royal Berkshire – Gifted and Talented Kids
School/Leisure Centre Name: Royal Berkshire RBC

Your Name: Andy Barclay – Your Role: Children’s Activities Coordinator, Elite Junior Tennis Instructor School Address: Nine Mile Ride, Bracknell Berks RG12
The Challenge

What did you want to do and who were your target groups? (What problem did you want to address?)
The aim was to include 16 gifted Children of mixed gender (the group was split 60% boys and 40% girls) that were all playing in the Elite Tennis groups to partake in a group exercise class, to improve posture, general fitness, balance and coordination and promote a positive attitude towards fitness training. Even though the Children were of mixed fitness levels they are all playing regional and National competition Tennis.
All the Children are required to do extra fitness training and the Rebounding class was a new class put on to make the sports training and conditioning more fun for the Children and to give them an alternative and more of a fun activity than the regular circuit based training which they were currently doing where attendance levels had dropped considerably.
We also wanted to change the Children’s attitude towards sports conditioning and show how it might help them prevent injuries and educate them about the benefits from exercising on an unstable surface and what carry over this can have on to the tennis court.
In the group there were 16 (10 boys, 6 girls) aged between 8yrs and 16yrs. They participated in 2 X 40 min Urban Rebounding Classes per week for a 12 week period.
The Children then participated in a 40 minute Urban Rebounding class which involved each child working on an Urban Rebounder, performing aerobic moves, core stabilization technique’s, and balance and coordination drills as well as team games using balls.
Meeting the Challenge

How did you use the Urban rebounders and what type of challenge did you set?
The Urban Rebounders were used in a cardio-vascular circuit based class. All the individuals were set a balance challenge and fitness exercise time challenge.
Classes were run as an after school club. Before the first class began (week 1 of the 12 week classes) each individual was asked to perform a single leg balance test on the Urban Rebounded (a high quality spring enhanced mini trampoline) Each child was asked to stand on 1 leg in the middle of the rebounder and with both eyes closed and was timed to see how long they could maintain their balance. The objective is that each child should be able to maintain balance for the same amount of time on each leg, and that the ideal duration is between 10 – 20 seconds.
The results were then recorded for each individual (see below) It was explained to each child the importance of maintaining consistent strength and balance on each side of the body to reduce the risk of injury whilst participating in exercise and sport, and improve recovery time from exercise, and overall to improve balance.
Each child was then given simple familiar aerobic moves incorporating different movement patterns such as jumping jacks, slalom ski twist, skipping drills to incorporate all general movement patterns to work core muscles and the extremities etc as well as more sport specific conditioning which involved gate patterns such as sprint drills and mimicking tennis shots with varying base support. ie both feet parallel on the rebounder as in an open stance forehand shot and backhand and then including the upper body movements. Challenging single leg stance positions were also set that the Children had to maintain whilst mimicking forehand, back hand, volleys and smashes whilst maintaining their balance and good body position.

What difference has this made? (What differences are you seeing in young people e.g. increased participation in curriculum PE/OSHL, attitude, behavior, achievement and attainment? What evidence do you have?)
All the Children involved made every class of the 12 week programme. Previous group exercise classes over the same period saw a 40% drop off rate by week 8.
They all had a positive attitude towards the classes and could see the benefits from the workouts. This was supported by feedback from parents and children completing feedback forms. They all found the classes more fun than traditional circuit training.

They have continued to attend the Urban Rebounding classes every week to complement their sports conditioning.
Why was it a success any tests recorded?
The Conclusion of the balance tests were quite remarkable showing a huge increase in balance- 233% – 400%! This was observed to have great carry over to their sporting environment with reports of improved performance and winning match results.
A noticeable improvement in posture, especially in the 12yrs-16yrs Girls and Boys was observed.
Each Participant significantly improved their overall stamina and fitness, more than doubling their aerobic fitness over this 12 week period.

Balance and Fitness Test before the classes began;
Boys 8yrs – 12yrs averaged 6 seconds on the left leg, and 5 on the right leg (before losing their balance)

Boys 12yrs – 16 yrs averaged 7 seconds on the left leg and 7 seconds on the right leg.

Girls 8yrs -12 yrs averaged 3 seconds on the left leg and 3 and the right.

Girls 12yrs – 16yrs averaged 4 seconds on the right leg and 3 on the right
Fitness test

Boys 8yrs-12 yrs averaged 9 mins continuous aerobic exercise

Boys 12yrs-16yrs averaged 16 mins continuous aerobic exercise

Girls 8yrs-12 yrs averaged 7 mins continuous aerobic exercise

Girls 12yrs-16yrs averaged 15 mins continuous aerobic exercise
At the end of the 12 week period;
Boys 8yrs – 12yrs averaged 14 seconds on the left leg and 16 on the right

Boys 12yrs – 16yrs averaged 18 seconds on the left leg and 22 seconds on the right

Girls 8yrs – 12 yrs averaged 12 seconds on the left leg and 18 seconds on the right

Girls aged 12yrs – 16yrs averaged 15 seconds on the left leg and 16 seconds on the right.
Fitness test

Boys 8yrs-12 yrs averaged 18 mins continuous aerobic exercise

Boys 12yrs-16yrs averaged 32 mins continuous aerobic exercise

Girls 8yrs-12 yrs averaged 25 mins continuous aerobic exercise

Girls 12yrs-16yrs averaged 30 mins continuous aerobic exercise