Institute of Aerobics Study

The Institute of Aerobics Research Study. New super circuit programme conditions the whole body for endurance, strength and flexibility “These findings will have significant impact at every level of physical conditioning, whether in high school, college, professional team sports medicine, or fitness programs”

Super Circuit will help move participants through their conditioning program faster, with greater overall conditioning effectiveness. And, it will provide much of the needed aerobic conditioning for their particular sports without subjecting their bodies to lifting very heavy weights or jogging great distances in a running program.

This was the fifth study Dr. Larry Gettman, Ph.D.Paul Ward, Ph.D. and R.D. Hagan Ph.D. had undertaken to examine the cardiorespiratory aspects of isokinetic and isotonic weight training It lasted twelve weeks and consisted of 36 female sand 41 males reflecting the average condition of normally active people. The difference between the Super Circuit group and the control group was that those who participated in the Super Circuit rebounded for 30 seconds in between each of the circuit weight training stations.

These Super Circuit aerobic results are the highest ever reported in circuit weight training scientific literature. But the Super Circuit has other advantages, too. There is less skeletal shock and joint stress…, plus, strength gains showed a 25% improvement over the standard circuit weight training!