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MaXimus Life Fitness, Mind, Nutrition, Programme

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Maximus Life – New to the UK 2014

Britains FIRST ever intergrated Fitness, Nutrition and Mind programme., now becoming the UK’s fasting selling health and wellbeing programme!

Challenge yourself with 6 exciting British fitness workouts including Yoga, Cardio Blast, Pilates, Fighting Fit, Military Bootcamp, and Strength and Conditioning Circuits on DVD. Over 4 progressive levels thats 24 workouts in total!

Our MaXimus Life manual will teach you how to move, eact and be healthy. Understand why Diets don’t work, how to lose weight through learning how to balance your blood sugar levels throughout the day, and how to use our easy to follow traffic light system to help you make the right food choices, supported by healthy menus for those days you are at home, in the office or on the run! Attend our talk on the Mind.

Learn about how to re-programme your brain to motivate yourself and achieve outstanding results.. Feed your brain with good quality information with Paul Mckenna’s ‘I can make you slim’ book and mind programming cd.

Our MaXimus calander will help you plot your progress and motivate you every day to be healthy and stay on track!

Suitable for the complete beginner, intrmediate fitness levels and advanced exercisers.

Get Fit and Healthy, have FUN.  and kick-start your MaXimus Life journey.



*Disclaimer: Results can vary from person to person

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