Maximum Metabolic Interval with Keli Roberts

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Compilation and Extreme DVD’s for home users and REbound-UK’s own instructional DVD’s for schools and instructors.


Product Description

This Rebounding workout has high intensity anaerobic intervals with amazing choreography.This Rebounding workout is very challenging challenging and a whole lot of fun. The fast paced intervals, creative rebounding moves, and strength moves with the malleable sand weights fire up the body’s metabolic system and muscle awareness to achieve an overall well toned body.

The constant movement in combination with compound strengthing exercises tap into the metabolic system, resulting in quicker fitness results.  An Interval Urban Rebounding workout combining cardio bursts with total body strength exercises using malleable sand weights.

Please note the Urban rebounding workouts, core postures and techniques are specifically designed to be used with the home Urban Rebounder unit only. This is to ensure the participants has a good experience, a safe workout, and to provide a low impact workout on a well sprung unit to maximize all the health and fitness benefits that rebounding can provide using a high quality, professional rebounder.

Unfortunately this cannot be achieved using cheap, tightly sprung ‘mini trampoline’ products and may cause injury. See equipment specification to learn more about product comparisons and why its important to use the right equipment when following a rebound programme.


*Disclaimer: Results can vary from person to person

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