New Rebound UK Compilation 3 DVD with four great workouts!

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NEW Compilation 3 DVD containing four great workouts! – Begin2bound – Teen BoundSport specific Training for Kids Street Bound A fantastic compilation DVD containing 4 great workouts for kids of all ages with lots of variety that will help develop a childs balance and coordination and   improve posture and core strength and increase fitness levels dramatically. All of these workouts are great fun and provide a healthy cardiovascular workout and including strengthening muscles, joints and bones. These workouts demonstrate proper rebound techniques to ensure you get the best out of your rebounding sessions. Because our Special Offer price is only £29.95 thats less than £7.50 per workout!!!

Begin2bound is the perfect motivating workout for anyone returning to fitness or new to exercise.  The low impact nature of the workout makes it kind on joints and provides and excellent calorie burn to complement any weight management programme.  35 minutes

Teen Bound uses core moves and popular disciplines of fitness styles to motivate teenagers.  As well as improving body tone, cardiovascular fitness and posture,  Teenbound will also help develop confidence through fitness.  Suitable for boys and girls. 30 minutes

Sport specific Training for Kids will help you teach your initial warm ups and guide you through the stages of running sports specific workouts in a class environment.  Incorporates coordination, balance and motor skill development.  These routines and drills are great fun.  30 minutes

Street Bound is a fusion of funky street dance and core stability moves, combined to provide a truly cool and fun cardio workout!  The professionally choreographed routines provide all the benefits of a traditional rebound class but with the flare and style of street dance.  30 minutes

Please note the our rebound workouts, core postures and techniques are specifically designed to be used with our rebounders only. This is to ensure the participants has a good experience, a safe workout, and to provide a low impact workout on a well sprung unit to maximize all the health and fitness benefits that rebounding can provide using a high quality, professional rebounder.

Unfortunately this cannot be achieved using cheap, tightly sprung ‘mini trampoline’ products and may cause injury. See equipment specification to learn more about product comparisons and why its important to use the right equipment when following a rebound programme.


*Disclaimer: Results can vary from person to person

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