High Quality Professional Gym Rebounder - Mini Trampoline on the UK market. For use in the home and commercial studio and gym environment settings - as used by many celebrities and professional athletes.

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The Professional folding Urban Rebounder Mini Trampoline  is unlike any other mini trampoline rebounder on the market. 

You can use the New Elevated Urban Rebounder in a flat or elevated position generates to generate a huge calorie burn, unlike cheaper models. Can take up to a 20 stone person! Strong robust rebounder for home use or gym. The product is the original urban rebounder unit.  Next day delivery Monday to Friday! As used by Madonna - Over 2 million sold word wide! The Professional folding Urban Rebounder Mini Trampoline  is completely unique. Buy the best because your body deserves nothing but the best! NOW ON SPECIAL OFFER ONLY £159!!

We have spent 15 years researching the rebounding market to supply the most effective rebounders on the market that deliver the best results. Because we know if you see results quickly then you stick to the programmeOur Professional quarter folding Mini trampoline Urban Rebounder  is unlike any other rebounder on the market. Huge fitness benefits and health efficacy's with our well sprung mini trampolines guaranteed unlike cheap reebok and pt bounce type models. Can take up to a 130kg in weight. Next day delivery Monday to Friday!

The Home Urban Rebounder is specifically designed for Urban Rebounding Workouts. The unique design of the legs are spring loaded and fold down easily unlike other cheap products where you have to spend a lot of time screwing the legs on and off. The Urban Rebounder unit is also hinged and folds up easily to allow for easy storage of the unit against the wall or under the bed when it is not in use!

The professional folding home Urban Rebounder is very portability which is also great for Personal Trainers which is why many top celebrity personal trainers   use it with their clients. see our customer reviews click here...

It is very confusing for the consumer with everyone claiming that 'their rebounder is the best and has the softness bounce'. Well if you just want to bounce up and down gently then very soft expensive rebounders will be fine and serve their purpose. If you want to change your body shape, burn 1000's of calories, improve your muscle tone and get all the health benefits from rebounding such as lymphatic drainage for detox, tone, tighten and flatten your abdomen then you will need to follow specially designed aerobic rebounding programmes that are effective, motivating and fun! The bounce needs to be a compromise of being very low impact but not to soft that you sink in the mat and end up just bouncing and not to tight/hard that you end up only being able to jump. That is why we have sprung our rebounders to the exact tension to enable you can follow our professionally designed rebounding exercise programmes despite your fitness level that is comfortable, progressive and has proven results.

It is extremely robust and designed for continual use and built to a high standard. The Home Urban Rebounder is the only rebounder is made from high grade steal, has a unique spring loaded leg system for easy storage and portability, non slip mat and advanced muscle shape spring system to ensure a resilient bounce. It is specifically designed to deliver all the health and fitness benefits that can be obtained from a rebounding programme. Cheaper 'mini trampolines' do not deliver the same health and fitness benefits including as there is little g-force created bouncing on a tightly sprung mat with small tiny rebounder springs. This is why you see great results quickly using our rebounder. If you want to seriously change your and tone up we are confident that our rebounder and workout programmes will help you achieve you health and fitness potential and help you achieve a lean and toned body. Cross training shoes should be worn when using the rebounder.

It is 10kg in weight so is very stable and doesn't travel or move across the floor when bouncing unlike lightweight 'mini trampolines'. Research on the product shows that the spring system and mat surface will absorb approximately 87% of the shock of impact compared making the workout extremely low impact unlike cheaper tightly sprung units. You will start to tone and tighten your core muscles immediately as well as shape your legs, buttocks and thighs. Following our programmes will give you long lean muscles and reduce cellulite massively because of the g-force created by bouncing on the correctly sprung unit that generates a huge calorific expenditure.

It is very low maintenance and all the parts on the rebounder are replaceable. There is a stabilization bar included in the package that is easily assembled for those needing extra stability. Many Lymphoedema sufferers use our Urban Rebounder as it is very low impact, extremely stable, and really helps with lymphatic drainage due to the advanced spring system.  

In May 2008 the Urban Rebounding team personally delivered some Urban rebounders to Madonna's house in London ahead of her Live Maidstone performances. Apparently Madonna and her dance team to warm up before performances and as part of her conditioning programme. Madonna also purchased two more rebounders units in July 2011 for fitness training.

Dame Kelly Holmes has also taken our Urban Rebounding fitness classes read more...

All in all a fantastic product used by the best! As with all fitness programmes individuals must seek advice from their health practitioner/GP before starting a new exercise programme. We aim to dispatch orders on a next day service Monday to Friday but can take 5 days for delivery. Color of model sold  - new model - Black with red band on mat. Rebounder Size - Standard 40 inches across for maximum benefits. Mat diameter is 28 inches!