Non Sporty KS3 Girls Case Study

School Name: Tring School
Partnership Name: Dacorum
Your Name: Tasha Saint-Smith
Address: Mortimer Hill
Tring, Herts Postcode: HP23 5JD Telephone: 01442 822303
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Engaging non-sporty KS3 girls in a physical Lunchtime Club

The Challenge
What did you want to do? (What problem did you want
to address?)

Engaging non-sporty KS3 girls to participate fully in PE lessons, in a fun and different activity which is new to them. Also helping to improve fitness and the possibility of gaining interest in further fitness during school time or outside of school in their own time.

The classes involved up to 15 Year 7, 8 & 9 girls once a week at lunchtime who were all non-sporty and a mix of fitness levels. The students participated in a 30 minute session, focusing on core stability and aerobic exercise, aiming to improve fitness and well-being.

Meeting the Challenge
What did you do? (How did you do it? What strategies have you used?)

We went through the basics of Urban rebounding and introduced the fun elements of it to engage the students initially. We used really good, up-beat music which they enjoyed bouncing to and gave them plenty of opportunity to create their own moves for dancing and bouncing to.They bounced for the whole duration and really worked hard throughout the classes.

What difference has this made? (What differences are you seeing in young people e.g. attitude, behaviour, achievement and attainment? What evidence do you have?)

The pupils were keen attendees of the sessions and alot more engaged and were motivated to finish all of the sessions once started.

They understood the benefits of a good workout and that it can be enjoyed also! They were much more confident overall and seemed to have a more positive approach to PE.

Do you have a specific example of a young person who has benefitted from participating in the project? (What differences are you seeing? What element of the young person’s 5 hour entitlement has this provided? What have the benefits been?)

Why did it work? (What were the critical factors which made this work for you?)

Because this was a brand new way to get fit, everyone started off on the same level and utilised the variety that rebounders offer which in turn made it much more fun and enjoyable for them. Music is key in terms of motivation and how the pupils behaved and allowing them plenty of opportunity to be creative with it was a bonus.