Toxins are stored in the fat cells and the body is reluctant to burn fat whilst there are toxins present. Rebounding helps rid the cells of toxins by effectively stimulating the lymphatic system by creating a pump effect. The “push” motion forces the lymphatic valves to close, the “jump” motion opens these valves at the top of the jump. This creates a “pump” effect which effectively pumps, moves and recycles the lymph and the entire blood supply through the circulatory system many times during the course of the rebounding session, providing a free-flowing system that drains away the toxins very efficiently.

Lose Weight quickly:

By rebounding for just 30 minutes a day you could lose a stone in 3 – 4 weeks.  Consider when you are running on a treadmill and it asks for your weight to determine how many calories you have burnt.  If you put in that you are heavier than you actually are, it will show a significantly higher calorie burn.  Rebounding achieves this higher calorie burn due to the effect of gravitational pull.  Your exercising body weight is 3.24 times higher than during normal exercise which causes your body to burn calories more quickly whilst rebounding and so aids weight loss.

Strengthen Core:

Working on an unstable surface provides a constant balance challenge leading to the involuntary contractions of the ‘deep core muscles’. These are responsible for giving you a flatter belly and improving your posture as well as minimizing injury’s including painful back conditions.

Change Body Shape:

Rebounding will change your body shape as it tones and tightens muscles and skin.  Due to the effect of gravitational pull every single cell is worked including internal organs, muscles and skin, leading to benefits such as increase in muscular strength and tone, strengthening pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles, and toning and tightening of skin. Since the cells are the body’s living building blocks any positive change to the cells cascades up to the tissues, organs and systemic functions giving increased overall health and wellbeing.

Low Impact exercise:

The beauty of using a good quality rebounder such as the maximus pro or rebound uk pro gym rebounder is that the workout is low impact which means it feels easier to exercise and is very kind on joints and soft tissues. Many people say ‘running’ is best for losing weight but if you are overweight this can be very uncomfortable and also damage your joints. Rebounding is weight bearing which is important for building bone density but at the same time low impact. Most good models of rebounder also come with a stability bar to hold on to for extra support if needed. Using a good rebounder can take away up to 70% shock of impact versus working out/jumping on a wooden/hard floor.

Exercise for All:

It’s fun and suitable for all ages and fitness levels.  You are in control of how hard you “push” which controls the intensity of your workout and allows you to increase your fitness levels gradually. Moves such as squats, lunges, rotational movements, presses and sprints are performed between bursts of jogging and bouncing, all on a low impact surface.  If you really want to feel the burn you can do explosive plyometric exercises which are performed for athletic and sports conditioning such as squat jumps or add extra resistance by using sand weights and resistance bands.