Proprioception Study

Cornell Hospital for Special Surgery, Studies Urban Rebounding. Five healthy subjects had their proprioception measured doing single-leg stand with eyes closed before and after two months of training for twenty minutes three times a week using the Urban Rebounding based exercise program.

The results showed that the total time for single-leg stand with eyes closed was 7.3 seconds (SD 1.2) before the exercise program and 11.96 after the program (SD 1.4) for an increase of 68% which was statistically significant (p<0.05).

This study shows Urban Rebounding as an effective methods of increasing proprioception. In addition to serving as a Fitness machine, Urban Rebounding may have the added benefit of increasing proprioception. Increased proprioception has been shown to minimize recurrence of sports injuries to the joints as well as decrease the falls in the elderly which can lead to other complicated issues such as hip fractures.

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