Schools / Sports Development

The whole community can benefit from rebound classes, adults, children, obese and inactive populations.

Because of the low impact nature of the workout it helps these populations be able to exercise comfortably without pain and damaging their joints, making our workout programme very inclusive, ensuring everybody feels successful and can exercise at their own level.

We launched our Adults programme in Camberley in September 2005 and have since expanded into over 1000 clubs, including Esporta, DC Leisure, Virgin Active/Holmes Place, Champneys, Lawn Tennis Association and many independent clubs.  There are programmes for Studio based classes, Circuit based classes and individual 1:1 PT and sports specific use.

We launched our Schools programme in Leicestershire in September 2007, and have since expanded into about 700 schools in the UK.   We have found that most schools initially launch rebounding to target the KS3/4 girls as this is where currently schools are falling behind on targets.  There is huge interest in sustainability and how this work can be continued in the community with clubs like DC Leisure, and through PCT programmes such as MEND.

Where schools are located alongside leisure centers, the same equipment can be used for adult rebounding classes and for family rebounding – which are also very popular, and alongside our many different workouts and ongoing workshops this makes the programme very sustainable.

We have engaged with many Councils promoting healthy lifestyles in the community and our rebounding programme has been used to address issues such as Obesity, Family Health (eg MEND programme), raising awareness of need for exercise, GP Referrals and minority populations.

Our programme is particularly successful with populations who are historically hard to reach – those who do not naturally choose to exercise.

We have marketing and promotional material available and we would be work with adopters of the programme to help generate positive news coverage in their communities.

See our Testimonials for examples of how our programme is running successfully in the community and schools, helping to meet Council Government targets.

In summary, we try to put “the FUN” back into group exercise classes.  Our programme is inclusive – all ages, fitness levels and genders.  We have programmes from 8 year olds plus , first time exerciser to elite athlete.

Rebounding in Primary Schools

We have implemented rebounding in many primary schools in the UK with great success. As you know every child loves to bounce and our programs offer an alternative activity to mainstream sports that is healthy, safe, and fun whilst also developing a child’s balance and coordination, core strength and confidence. For junior schools we have a special junior format for rebounding that ensures sessions are engaging and exciting. We incorporate circuit type rebounding gym classes as well as themed rebounding classes such as street dance, boxing and cheerleading as well as competitive ball games.

The perfect activity for disengaged kids!

We have experienced fantastic results in helping schools reach government targets in key areas like KS3/4 girls, semi-sporty participation, ethnic and obese populations. Because the same equipment can be used for the Adults classes, some schools open the classes up in the evening to Parents and or Parents and Child classes as well as classes for the staff!

We believe that our programme offers an alternative to mainstream sports that not everyone is naturally good at, and provides options for those uncomfortable with visiting a gym.

The programme is Inclusive and everyone works at their own levels to ensure that they are successful and comfortable with the workout.  This builds confidence, and ensures that they keep coming back to the workouts.

We have a variety of different workouts to keep Instructors and participants motivated. They are available as workshops as well as on DVD’s to help instructors with routines. Workouts such as Box n Bounce, Interval Bound, Dance Bound, Hip Hop Bound, Core conditioning training, Latin Bound are Sports Specific are great fun!

For the Sporty and Athletic Child

The benefits from exercising on an unstable surface are unprecedented and deliver results such as improved balance and propriocetion, improved coordination, nervous system stimulation, helps injury prevention and recovery from injuries.

We have designed sport specific workouts and circuits that will complement a sport and improve performance on the playing field. Rebounding can be used as part of SAQ training also.

Special Needs Children

In our Special needs schools where we have launched the Urban Rebound programme, we have made very positive observations of Children who have learning, social and behavioral problems such as ADHD, and ADT etc.  There is a lot of available research into rebound therapy for Children and Adults with special needs, as most of these individuals lack balance, rhythm and timing and using the rebounder helps improve all of these. The nice thing about our portable rebounders is you can have more than one child exercising at once as they all can have their own rebounder which can also have a stabilization bar easily fitted for the child’s safety and to help build confidence.

Dr Alfhild Eklselen PHD from the is the founder of the Texas Association of Children with Learning Disabilities.  .  In her 40 plus years of experience working with learning disabled children, she has identified through observations how using a rebounder can provide many benefits for these populations. See research article

For Children with injuries

Rebounding is the perfect activity for Children with common injuries and Children suffering from growth development conditions such as chondromalacia – patella and ozgoods-shlatters disease. This is due to the participant being able to do high intensity cardio weight baring cardiovascular training, with very little impact on joint and soft tissues and developing bones. Our professional and uniquely designed rebounders have been researched to dissipate approximately 87% of the shock of impact compared to training on a hard surface.
This is backed up with validated impact research studies that are available on our website.


Implementing our fantastic rebounding programme in your school is very straight forward. First we need to help you in choose the right amount of equipment and training package for your school and class size. Schools use our programme as part of curriculum PE, lunchtime and after school clubs, and evening Adult and Parent and Child classes. Most schools purchase their own rebounders that they keep on site as they are very easy to store and move around. Most schools pay for equipment and training from the successful funding bid applications that we can help you with.

Partnership Sharing

Some School Sport Partnerships buy a quantity of rebounders centrally, usually through their PDM and then share the equipment around various schools in the partnership on a term by term rotation basis so everyone gets a chance to try the workouts. They can then decide which schools would really benefit from our programme.

Funding Streams

There are many different funding streams that are available most years for Schools and Councils to access to help with launching initiatives like the Rebounding programme in the community.

Most Schools and Councils have been very successful in obtaining funding from body’s such as Sports Unlimited, Big Lottery, Awards for All, and Extended Services to fund our programme.

We offer support to help in completion of business cases depending on the current government initiatives and funding sources with many of our councils/schools also willing to share successful applications.

Providing training for PE Instructors and Sports leaders is easy!

In a one day foundation course learn the science, research and health benefits behind the Rebounding programme, competitive games on the rebounder and sports specific workouts for sports teams. Learn how to develop fun and safe routine for 8 – 11 year olds, and 12 – 16 year olds in a group environment within health clubs or after school clubs, or how to incorporate the training into the school PE curriculum and school sporting clubs.

Training pre-requisites are one of Gym instructor/personal training qualifications, REPS level 1 instructor, qualified PE teacher or sports coach.

We can certify Sports Leaders also, who are fantastic at delivering classes to their peers. Love of children essential!

Instructors will also learn how to successfully implement rebound classes within their facility as well as strategically planning classes within the studio or PE curriculum timetable.

All of our courses are one day foundation courses,that are presented by our professional Master Training team, who are all highly qualified and motivated to ensure you have a fantastic experience!

We have found that most schools initially launch rebounding to target the KS3/4 girls, the semi-sporty, or overweight communities as this is where currently schools are falling behind on targets.  Once the equipment is in the school, the programme can be easily expanded to the other age groups and populations. Some special schools where children have emotional and learning difficulties and have reported good responses to the Rebounding programme, including improvements in balance, concentration levels and improvements in behaviour.

Rebounding can used in schools for:

  • PE curriculum
  • Before school breakfast club (targeting attendance)
  • Lunchtimes (targeting KS4 girls)
  • After school clubs
  • Health initiatives
  • Open Days

Rebounding is ideal for:

  • Helping to meet and achieve PSA targets
  • Improving health in low active or semi-sporty young people
  • Raising levels of pupil achievement & improving standards in PE
  • Tackling rising obesity levels
  • Alternative form of exercise (non-traditional sport)
  • Improving coordination skills, self-confidence and balance

Why should the kids have all the fun!

Once you have your equipment and trained your Instructors and young sports leaders to deliver the classes, you might want to open you classes up to staff and parents in the way of after School Classes.

We have a fantastic Adults programme that is great fun, burns loads of calories and is very low impact making the workouts suitable for anyone who can’t do high impact activities.

If you are located alongside a sports center there is the possibility of sharing the cost equipment and training as both Adults and Children can use the same equipment for classes.

As each participant is in control of the workout intensity by controlling the amount of G-force they are creating, by how hard they ‘push’ in to the mat surface. It makes it possible for Adults, and Children to participate in the same class. This is why ‘Adult and Child’ rebound classes are so popular.