Disclaimer: Results can vary from person to person remember to follow the DVD workouts for best results

Stourport Sports Centre, Jason Pitman – General Manager PFP Leisure

Still very popular 5 years 3 months on Jason Pitman, General Manager, said; “Rebounding offers variation to group exercise classes and members love it.  It’s a USP with no local competition (ie village halls, schools, clubs etc) and supports towards site attrition targets”  

Camberley Arena, PFP Leisure Centre, Dan Walker – General Manager, Amanda Collins – Studio Coordinator

Dan Walker Contract Manager for Surrey Heath said; “Rebounding provides a great balance to our workout programme and is a great tool for membership retention. Our members really enjoy the variety of the classes and the occupancy numbers for the 6 classes we run per week are amongst the best on our programme’. Junior Rebounding class now on the programme and part of the Junior Membership package. The return on Investment was less than 5 months which is incredible!”.

Wolverhampton Swimming & Fitness Centre, General Manager Damian Watts PFP Leisure Sue Cook Sports Development Officer Wolverhampton City Council.

The Council purchased over 200+ professional rebound units across council region, and implemented in DC Leisure run leisure centres, schools and community centres. Damian Watts, General Manager of DC Leisure launched Rebounding and says ” Class is so popular with members we do not currently have space for non-members.  Very good class to help with retention and it is as popular now as when we first launched.  If we could charge members, or had capacity for non-members, it would be a very profitable class”

Xcel, PFP Leisure, Bethan Wide – Studio Coordinator

Bethan Wide says; “Rebounding is a fun, simple and challenging aerobic class that will increase your fitness levels and help you lose weight. Members keep coming back for more and we have attracted new members in to the studio as the classes are very inclusive and great fun!”  Bethan has first-hand experience which she shares “after I returned back to teaching rebound after Xmas having had a whole year off due to having a baby. In my first class, I struggled to bounce for 20 minutes as a participant, but within 4 weeks of teaching weekly classes, my fitness levels were back to normal. Over a period of about four months, rebound also contributed massively in me losing the three stone of baby weight I had gained. I enjoy rebounding because it allows me to work at my own pace. I’m not very coordinated so don’t really like aerobic classes, but the simple exercises in rebounding allow me to focus on a hard work out, rather than following a complicated routine.  I love to exercise but suffer with bad knees which can be really frustrating. However, on a rebounder I am able to run and jump and really challenge my body without feeling any pain (apart from the obvious!).”

Energie Wilmslow – Mo Morley Club Owner says

“Rebounding has been a huge hit since we launched in September 2011. Members love it and are seeing results already. The Rebound UK training team delivered a one day training course on site which was great fun. We have bought additional rebounders due to demand. A big hit!”

Stuart Bock – Leisure Connections General Manager

Rebounding has been a massive hit since we implemented into our timetable, when introducing new classes everyone turns up to see what’s new and how it works but then the numbers fade as people lose interest. We have had the total opposite, having to borrow rebounders from other sites and increasing our timetable to accommodate for people who cannot get booked into these full classes. Not only have the young guns enjoyed the class but even older people with stability issues have found the rebounders fun as there is the ability to adapt to all levels.

Angie Pearson – Warwickshire  Virgin Active

We started with 2 x 45 minute classes in March 2007 and soon expanded to 1 x 45 minute and 2 x 60 minute classes. The classes were so popular we took on another instructor and added another 2 x 60 minute classes. We have seen members participating in classes who previously only used the gym. Retention rates in the classes are tremendous and we still have some of the members participating who did our very first classes. Fitness rates have gone up especially in the older generation as they don’t feel intimidated by the class

Impulse Leisure, Kelly Walsh – Studio Coordinator

Rebounding is one of our most popular classes on the studio timetable. We have been running classes over 3 years and they are still packed! Our members love this class, and so do the instructors! It’s so much fun!!

Ian Kendall Partnership Development Officer Newcastle School Sport Partnership

“Rebound UK delivered a comprehensive 3 day package for Newcastle School Sport Partnership in November of last year. This included a full day’s staff training course that was made up of practical theory based learning, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance. Days 2 and 3 were spent introducing as many young people as possible to the new activity and culminated in a show piece at the Partnerships Awards Ceremony. Since the Rebound-UK team visited Newcastle it has caught the imagination of staff and pupils alike and we have a waiting list of schools desperate to have their time with the equipment we purchased. Summed up simply, it’s a fantastic form of physical activity which puts smiles on faces.”

Janine Millard Sports Development Officer Eastleigh Borough Council

I just wanted to thank you both for being so supportive throughout the SU process, the classes are really taking off at the colleges and this was meant to be our ‘quiet term’!!

Sadie Walker, Leicester City Council

Urban Rebounding is used to promote healthly lifestyle in Leicester in all the following ways:
Braunstone Community School – 4 classes of 30 over 2 terms
Sports Fest 08 – an open audience (36,000 over two days) 3 sessions of 30
Hamilton C C – Healthy Sports Week 10 classes of 30 young people
Teenage Lifestyle Club – ongoing once a month
Raven Youth Centre – 2 classes at the youth centre targeting girls
Sparkenhoe Family Day – classes over 2 days the whole school and parents
WISPA (Women in Sport and Physical Activity) in 2008/9
Mini WISPA at the outdoor pursuits centre – 2 classes of 20 young people Yr 5/6
Fit Chicks – ongoing once a month
NHS Happy Health Day – one day open access event
Braunstone Leisure Centre Summer Scheme – one class of 20
Braunstone Carnival – open access event
National Play Day – open access event
Crown Hills Lunch Time Club and Summer Scheme – 5 classes of 30
Fit and Active Families at Samworth – one session of 12
Score 4 Sport
Girls Active Day Jan 08 – Kelly Holmes participated
Regent College 16 years plus – 2 terms
Soar Valley Community College after school club – 1 term
Fullhurst Community College – during curriculum lessons
Evington Leisure Centre – after school club – 3 terms
Moat Community college – during curriculum lessons and part of Healthy Lifestyles Club
Healthy Lifestyles Day 08 and 09 – targeting obese young people. A one day event

Leicester City Councils cabinet member for leisure, Cllr Andy Connelly said:

“ We recognise it’s so important to offer today’s generation of young people a range of diverse sports and physical activities that is fun, challenging and captures their interest. Rebounding is yet another exciting form of exercising that appeals to all children of all ages, particularly to those who are not naturally athletic.’

Sarah Goacher: PDM, Crown Hills CC, Leicester said:

“The kids in my school really love the workout and we are getting KS4 girls racing to get changed for their PE lessons to make sure they get a Rebounder ! Launched in 2007 the classes are as popular as ever.”

Sarah Moore Further Education Sports Co-ordinator (FESCo) Eastleigh College

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the course, and Sue was brilliant!!! Please can you pass on our thanks! One of the newly qualified instructors delivered a session on Tuesday, and said that her students really enjoyed their session, and can’t wait for next week”

Hannah Lewis : Instructor, Rodborough School said

“I have been teaching the Rebounding programme in several schools over the past few months and the Children are loving it! When I was teaching higher impact activities with them on the hard wood floor they would tire much more quickly. They can exercise for much longer on the Rebounders whilst having great fun. I have noticed a big improvement in the Children’s balance, coordination and the heavier girls have all lost weight, so they are very happy. What a great alternative workout especially for those who are not really in to mainstream sport!”

Jane Watts : DCFS, Knowsley School said:

Planning – “A very professional approach by the company which did not include any hard sell. The benefits to the students and staff were easy to understand from the beginning”Delivery of training – “A fantastic training day, high energy and every minute was used to good effect. Trainers were very passionate and knowledgeable about the product and how it could impact on children’s lives. It is not very often that a training day leaves you feeling both happy and capable of changing the world”
Delivery in schools – messages from teachers
“Sessions are full of students many of whom would not normally be active.”
“Great piece of kit, always asked for in PE lessons”
“Please, please, please when is it our turn again for the rebounders”

Linsey Bradbury; Physical Activity co-ordinator, Regent College, Leicester said:

“After college sessions were held for female students and staff, providing an alternative fitness enrichment session. Girls attended who had not previously attended any enrichment sessions and the session was effective particularly providing de-stress around exam period and were seen more as a social enrichment then fitness. The same girls attended most weeks!”

Sue Wilkie : Instructor, Broadwater School said:

“Some of the girls have seen significant changes in their weight!”
“It’s great to see the kid’s faces, as they turn from sceptic to joy when they start rebounding. They thoroughly enjoy their workouts. It’s incredible to notice the improvements in the balance and co-ordination in such a short time.”

Mandy Quill : Partnership Development Manager Hamble Community Sports college

“James I managed to get there in the afternoon to have a look and the college tutor who was initially resistant was not only doing the training but fully engaged!!!!! I’ve negotiated with Eastleigh to borrow the rebounders this term to use with a group of extremely challenging year 9 girls at Hamble that we are doing an intervention programme with its the PERFECT activity for them. The training was very thorough and I’m looking to do another application for further funding for year3 of the sport unlimited funding to put the rebounders in another FE college and some secondary schools across the partnership”

Sue Jobling Head of PE Gosford House School Guildford

The classes went really well. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. The Instructor pitched it at exactly the right level and incorporated balance, strength, and co-ordination work alongside cardio-vascular exercise. A total workout! The rebounders are now going onto Chilworth School to be used there after Easter.
A few quotes from the girls:
‘You work really hard without even knowing it.’
‘It was great. I really loved it.’
‘To begin with I found it hard but I got better…. and fitter!’

Jennie Giles said

“I’ve suffered from hip pain and over the last year it has got progressively worse. My GP just told me it was old age – at only 66! The diagnosis was probable arthritis and he prescribed anti-inflammatories for the pain. Realizing that this was merely masking the symptoms, I searched for an alternative solution. I came across Rebound-UK and purchased a home rebounding package. I could only manage 5 minutes on the rebounder to start with but after a few weeks I could do 15 minutes and more. My body shape has changed, my legs, hips and tummy are toning up, but best of all, I am now pain free! I am fitter, pain free and having fun!”

Angie Pearson said

“From my own observation I lost 7 lbs in 8 weeks. I am more toned and definitely fitter than I have ever been. When I started teaching Rebounding I was approaching 50 and starting to feel the need to cut down on high impact classes. This has enabled me to continue teaching without further problems. We have seen members participating in classes who previously only used the gym. Retention rates in the classes are tremendous and we still have some of the members participating who did our very first classes. Fitness rates have gone up especially in the older generation as they don’t feel intimidated by the class”

Bernadette Peel said

“Two years ago I was awaiting an operation for weak bladder control but after 6 months of rebounding 2-3 times a week when I went to hospital for my pre-op check up I was told I no longer required the operation!”

David West said

“Four years ago I severely damaged my back, and was not able to do anything until I started to do Pilates 2 years ago. I never thought I would ever be able to do another aerobic class until I discovered Rebounding 12 months ago”

Sue Cullinane said

“After 4 children Rebounding has certainly help strengthen my pelvic floor and give me much better bladder control. It is the only class that I have managed to stick at, as it never gets boring.”

Moira Weir said

“After a back operation 2 years ago, I was advised only to walk, do Pilates and very low impact exercise for 1 year. After that time I was unsure what exercise would be suitable and tried Rebounding. This is exactly what I needed as it absorbs the impact and I experience no pain. I still have some nerve damage to my lower leg, but find I can do an hours class without any problems. It has helped get me fit and is great for core strengthening which is key to keeping my back healthy. I now do this class twice a week.”

Yvonne Mobley said

“I enjoy exercising in classes but my knees do not respond well to high impact. I find rebounding the only high-energy class that suits me. I love the fact that every instructor uses his or her own music and ideas. The variety of moves used never ceases to amaze me so it is good fun and never boring. It has helped me lose weight and keep it off by attending classes regularly”

Jason Wade (Personal Trainer) said

As an ex Pro Athlete I can no longer participate in high impact activities but need a high calorie burning workout to keep my fitness levels high and my weight down. I have finally found the key! I have tried using a cheap mini trampoline before and it broke after a few times using it and couldn’t take my weight. Rebound-UK provide great quality and very low impact rebounders that are easy to store after each session as it folds in half. I now use it with my clients for one2one training, they are changing shape and they love it! I would recommend this product to any personal trainer and also to individuals like myself who need to do high intensity training without the impact or injuries.
I have also used it with the Rebound UK DVDs (box and bound and sport bound) they are just Awesome!”

Miss Salsy said

“Brilliant Product! can honestly say this I am thrilled with this piece of kit. I find it easy to put up – takes around two minutes (so no excuses there!) and easy to put away all by myself! It folds into 4 and slides down the side of my wardrobe with ease. The DVD is a bit cheesy – but aren’t they all – there has got to be an element of cheese to motivate! The range of workouts on it are fabulous, something for everyone, and my heart rate certainly gets going on the more advanced workouts and the toning sections are certainly challenging until fairly recently I taught spinning (stationary cycling) on a regular basis so am quite fit – but with kids etc etc – time is now a bit more limited. I can get this out, put up, workout done, put away within an hour which is super. I have never been a runner due to suffering with shin splints so the low impact exercise this offers is ideal. For convenience and effectiveness you will have to go a long way to beat this bit of kit and if you get a bit bored with the DVD there are lots more to choose from or pop on your own music and make it up yourself! Give it a try.”

Jenny from Somerset said

“Energizing Fun! Hi to All, Please get this rebounder. Such great fun. I am 58 years old, I have M.E. yet I put it together in 3 minutes. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. If I can do it anyone can. My daughter age 24 finds it a fantastic workout too. Bouncing makes me feel young again, I have fits of giggles and I’m keeping fit at the same time. Very addictive. Start gently and gradually build up the length of time. Please watch the DVD as it gives lots of different workouts for you to try. The rebounder is very strong, it needs to be a sturdy product to take the weight.”

Brian North said

“Sturdy, well made, no smell and no squeaks. Easy to put up- I haven’t bothered with the stabilizing bar- it took a few minutes and as I have the space to leave it up I have no idea if it is difficult or fiddly to take down, but we are talking about a fitness machine and not the Forth Bridge! I assume it is the putting up in reverse which as I said is easy. Some people have commented on the size – they have found it to be larger than they anticipated but there has to be space for you to move, any smaller and the slightest movement to the sides would mean you fell off! I have bought this to stay fit and along with my Pilates machine I think I have found two perfect forms of good fun exercise.”

Ali, East Kilbride Scotland said

“I found this very easy to assemble, I didn’t even need the instructions. The smell others are complaining about lasts for 1-2 days. It’s easy to use, don’t add the safety handle until you’ve had a go you might not need it. The DVD is very easy to follow, and it’s a really energetic workout. I bought this because I have lower back problems and find most exercise leaves me in pain, but this is really good, I feel fit again without hurting my back.

Mrs Weafer said

“Received this rebounder this morning and after reading the other reviews was expecting to be unable to erect it on my own. What a surprise it was a doddle – in less than 5 mins it was up and ready to go and I’m 65 years old so MUST really have super powers! Off for a bounce now being careful not to launch myself into the stratosphere!”

Kim Dent said

“I am the member in Riverside (Chiswick).I enjoy the rebounding class and was annoyed whenever I have to miss it for any reason. I felt great with myself and it also so much fun. I highly recommend for everyone to join.”