Which Rebounder?

Rebound-UK manufactures the Pro Gym Rebounder and distributes the MaXimus Pro Rebounder and Urban Rebounder.

To help with your selection, the table below summarises the features of the different rebounders we stock.

Beware cheap imitations! There are many rebounders on the market that may look similar, but are built from lower quality components or to a different specification. See our blog for more detailed information on how to spot a cheap imitation rebounder.

Also, unlike the shopping channels and general fitness equipment stores, we stock and supply spare parts; you are advised to check the warranty and ongoing support services provided by these companies as we only supply spare parts to our own customers.

The Rebound-UK and Urban Rebounding workouts are designed specifically for use on rebounders built to a high quality specification and we would not recommend that it is safe to undertake this workout on any other equipment that is not designed to the same specification.

Rebound-UK are the only authorised distributor in Europe of the MaXimus Pro Rebounder and Urban Rebounder via our websites and Amazon.

Pro Gym RebounderMaXimus ProUrban Rebounder
In short…Our toughest model, built for heavy and frequent use.A great quality, durable piece of kit with all the bells & whistles.Ideal for a regular, low impact, high energy workout. Can use on an incline
Perfect for…Gyms, Group Exercise & FamiliesIndividuals and 1:1 PT useIndividuals
Easy to store…Legs collapse inwards for easy stacking and storing.Folds in quarters and fits neatly in carry bag for easy storage and transportation.Legs collapse inwards, folds in quarters, for easy storage under a bed or against a wall.
Package also includes…DVD with 4 workouts (UK produced)Rebounding compilation DVD (UK produced) for beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels, resistance bands, sand weights, carry/storage bag and stability handle bar.2 DVDs with 9 workouts (US produced) and stability bar.
Replacement parts available…Yes, we stock these.Yes, we stock these.Yes, we stock these
Warranty…Commercial warranty & Standard warrantyStandard warrantyStandard warranty
Weight Limit22 stone (140kg)15 stone (95kg)13 stone (82kg)
MaintenanceLubricate springs occasionally with Vaseline or coconut oilLubricate springs occasionally with Vaseline or coconut oilLubricate springs occasionally with Vaseline or coconut oil