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The Maximus Pro Package is the UK’s top selling rebound package, offering you everything you need to start rebounding, burning fat and getting fit today!


The package includes: Maximus Pro Rebounder; rebounding compilation DVD for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels; adjustable resistance bands; sand weights; carry/storage bag; stability bar for extra support.

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Buy the best because your Body deserves it!

Thoughtfully designed to provide the most complete full-body rebounding workout, the Maximus Pro Rebounder Package is perfect for anyone wanting to burn fat, tone up and improve overall fitness.  The adjustable resistance bands can be clipped to the rebounder to offer strength building isolated upper body exercises and the large muscle shaped springs and non-slip mat have been carefully calibrated and tested to give a resilient low impact bounce perfect for HIIT workouts to improve cardiovascular endurance and muscle tone.

The Maximus Pro Rebounder is quarter folding and comes with a smart carry bag for easy storage and transport. The legs are spring loaded and can be folded flat in a matter of seconds. Very popular with those new to the world of health & fitness, hardworking parents supporting a family, personal trainers constantly travelling to visit clients, right the way through to elite athletes striving to improve their athletic performance – this compact piece of kit is versatile enough to meet and exceed all of their needs.

Our high energy, motivating workouts presented by global ReboundUK Master Trainers are hard work but achievable for all. We’re confident that you’ll love Rebounding but we can forgive you for thinking that we’re bound to be a little biased… so we’ll let your smile and sweat speak for us!

What have you got to lose?  Start burning fat today!



– Dimensions: The frame is approx. 100cm (40 inches) in diameter, the mat surface is approx. 69cm (27 inches) in diameter and the rebounder stands 25-33cm (10-13 inches) from the ground.
– Weight: The Maximus Pro Rebounder weighs 12kg (26lb) and is carefully weighted to prevent the Rebounder moving across the floor when bouncing.

What is the weight limit of the Maximus Pro Rebounder?
– The Maximus Pro Rebounder performs perfectly up to user weights of up to 130kg (20.5stone/287lb).

Is the Maximus Pro suitable for barefoot bouncing?
We advise that trainers (not bare feet or socks) are worn at all times using this rebounder for more ankle stability and better joint alignment. If you would like to rebound barefoot then our Fit Bounce Pro Rebounder is the one for you!

Does the Maximus Pro Rebounder make any noise?
Proper maintenance of the rebounder will ensure that this Rebounder makes very little noise. To reduce noise when bouncing simply apply vaseline (or coconut oil) to the springs where any metal component contacts another metal component. For more information on proper maintenance please visit the “How to” section of our video library here.

Where can I found more information on the Bounce & Burn membership?
We’ve launched the UK’s first online Rebounding platform, bringing you all the fitness and health benefits of Rebounding straight to your living room. Join us and our Master Trainers from around the world on a journey to burn fat, build strength and most importantly have FUN. With access to hundreds of workouts, specialist nutrition plans & recipes and discounts from our partners, the Bounce & Burn membership is perfect to support you and keep you motivated. For more information on the Bounce & Burn membership click here.

What is the spare parts service?
Unlike many Rebounders on market, all ReboundUK’s rebounders come with a full spare parts service. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that our equipment is manufactured to the highest quality and is as robust as possible however sometimes even a rebounder can tweak a hamstring! Every component of our rebounders is replaceable however should anything happen to a spring (or bungee), mat, rubber feet, leg or a skirt we stock replacements so you don’t have to buy a whole new rebounder.

Does the Maximus Pro Rebounder come with a warranty?
• Yes! You can register your Rebounder for warranty here. For full details of our warranty terms & conditions, please click here which details the general terms and specific product warranty terms in the annex.
• We have a dedicated customer service team always available to answer any questions you may have about your product or workouts and can assist you with any query, please email

Where do I attach the resistance bands?
Please note the resistance bands are intended to be used with our metal sprung rebounders and they should be attached to the “W” hook on the rebounder mat (where the springs are attached). To see how they attach please click here.

4 reviews for Maximus Pro Package

  1. 5 out of 5

    I LOVE the MAXimus Pro Rebounder. Having run since childhood I’ve had many problems with my knees and the low impact bounce I get on this rebounder has been perfect for me.

    Not only is rebounding one of the only forms of exercises that didn’t hurt my knees, it served as great rehab and has enabled me to get back to running and doing what I love! The workouts are challenging while remaining fun and I always look forward to my evening rebounding session in the living room! The post-workout endorphin rush never fails to leave me smiling (and sweating!) and I really have found a product and workout that I love!

    If I could give the MaXimus Pro Rebounder more than 5 stars I would! LOVE IT!


  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Fantastic product! I heard about rebounding at a Tony Robbins conference and took his advice to rebounder for 15 minutes each day. I loved it so much I now do 30 minutes most days and in just over a month have lost over a stone in weight! Best thing is I have re-discovered my love for music – put my headphones on and bouncing to disco classics!

  3. 5 out of 5

    I decided to invest in a rebonder because i had hurt my knees in a car accident and any type of exercise hurt due to the pressure put on them when i exercise on solid ground. I read a lot about rebounding and how it is easy on the knees and so decided to invest in one.
    I received my Maximus Rebounder a few weeks ago and so far it has become my best friend.
    First of all kudos of the great customer support, i don’t believe i have ever came across a company that is devoted so much to guarantee customer satisfaction.
    When i first opened the rebounder i was impressed by the packaging, I’m usually always skeptical about shipping large items due to breakage along the way, but this one was pretty rigidly packaged and looked like it hasn’t budged inside the packaging.
    The rebounder came along with weight bags and elastic equipment (haven’t gotten around to using those yet) which basically gives you infinite possibilities to get creative with your rebounder, im sure you will never get bored of it. The DVD that comes along with it is great especially for beginners because it teaches you the basics of jumping on a rebounder without hurting yourself.
    The rebounder itself is EXTREMELY rigid. It took me 10 minutes to put together (no rocket science required) and what a BEAST! It won’t move or shake no matter how hard i jump on it! this thing can take a beating!
    Best part is, after 30-40 minutes of rebounding, and even though id be all out of energy due to the hardcore exercise, my knees wouldn’t hurt. At one point i even misplaced my foot on the rebounder and i didnt hurt myself because it is so soft under the feet. On top of that, i already dropped two pounds in the past four days by exercising on it for 30 min a day.
    I highly recommend it, one of the best decisions i ever made.

    P.S. My little brother is enjoying it as well, soon we are going to have to work a schedule!

  4. 5 out of 5

    The Rebounder and DVDs are one of the best investments I’ve made !

    I researched different products and from various reviews the Pro Bounder seemed worth the price – I absolutely agree with the reviews.

    With two under 5s and not much time to get to the gym I needed something to keep me active at home. Plus with dodgy knees my options were limited!

    As everyone is up early in our house I use that time, 20 minutes a day, to do a workout. It’s fun and easy to do and I love the fact it folds up out of the way. The DVDs keep it interesting and push you that little bit further.

    Highly recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing one of these. Customer service from the team has been great too. Thank you

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