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Rebound-UK are Europe’s leading experts in the effective use of rebounder equipment. Established in 2005, we have REPS accredited courses for use in the Studio and for Personal Trainers, and we have worked with leading sporting professionals to develop a kid’s programme (8 – 16 year olds).

Our courses teach the science and research behind rebounding, why rebounding is so effective, the unique features of the professional rebounder equipment and the many health and fitness benefits of rebounding. Instructors are taught the basic rebounding technique, movements and postures, and how to combine traditional aerobic moves, sport specific movements, plyometric exercises and conditioning moves. We provide the Begin2Bound and Maximus Rebound pre-choreographed routines to help get started, then Instructors learn how to develop and progress their own class formats tailored to specific populations.

Below is an example of the classes that are being delivered in various centres, all using the same, high quality, professional rebounder equipment provided by Rebound-UK:

Studio Classes

The studio programme has been successfully running for over 10 years in the UK bringing individuals together in to the studio that would not normally take part in an aerobic group fitness session. It is particularly good for individuals who want to exercise to get fit and lose weight but cannot manage high impact activities. Rebounding is ‘low impact’ so is very kind on the joints and burns a huge amount of calories.

We have a number of workshops and additional choreographed routines available on DVD to help Instructors keep the programme fresh such a 30 minute lunchtime ‘express class’, Box and Bound, Cardio, Sculpt & Tone, Bounce Beyond, Rebounding Progressions, Combat Bound, Sports Bound, Teen Bound and Street Bound. They are all great fun and keep members coming back for more!

Rebounding is highly effective and gets results which is great for member retention.

Rebounding as a Personal Training Tool

The rebounder is an incredible tool for the Personal Trainer. A piece of equipment that can be transformed with ease from a Group Fitness setting to one-on-one situation is highly valuable in gyms today. Whether your client is in peak physical condition, recovering from minor or major surgery, or you are just searching for a different way to challenge your client in a cardiovascular way in-between strength sets; the rebounder could be just the tool you are looking for.

Circuit Training

Using rebounding for circuit training is a fantastic way to combine cardio, strength and balance training all in one workout session. There are many different ways you can run the rebounding circuit, either having each rebounder as its own separate station, or intersperse the rebounders with other pieces of equipment in the gym. Members find the exercises prescribed challenging and a refreshing change from standard circuit exercises.

Seasonal circuits can be done such as ski circuits, pre-season football, netball or other sports. Circuits designed for calorie burning and weight loss are also very popular, maybe advertised in a “6 weeks to a beach body” way.

Introducing rebounding into an existing class is also great way to introduce people to rebounding who would not normally take part in a studio ‘exercise to music session’.

Hard core plyometric, balance and coordination sessions can be designed for the sporting individuals wishing to stay injury free and on top of their game!

Children’s Classes

We have a fantastic children’s programme that run as part of the children’s activities within leisure centres. As you can imagine kids find rebounding great fun which keeps them coming back for more! Our rebound workouts are very inclusive because participants work at their own pace so every child can join in complete the workout and feel successful. This is not only good for a child’s health and fitness but also for building confidence.

Our Rebounding programme is also running in many schools either as part of the PE curriculum or lunchtime/after school classes. Often leisure centres are able to team up with Council Sports Develop Officer to leverage government funding that may be available from time to time.

Parent and Child Classes

Many facilities now run parent and child rebounding classes as they are so popular with families. Not only is it great fun to exercise together but there are many psychological benefits also. Our Instructors are taught to educate families on leading healthy lifestyles and the importance of exercise.

Older Populations

Rebounding classes for the older generation are extremely popular and very effective as there is no impact on joints and rebounding is very kind on the body. We attract many older people back in to the studio who left because they are unable to do high impact classes; this generation left to pursue aqua aerobics and Pilates and can now return to partake in group exercise which is fantastic.

Rebounding can have a very important impact on an older person’s confidence as it will develop balance, joint stability and core strength without stressing the body.

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Using a high quality rebounder as a rehabilitation device following injury or surgery is fantastic! It is much more versatile than other balance aids, and has a forgiving surface to work on.  A stabilization bar can be fitted to the rebounder for individuals needing a bit more help during early stages of rehab or if they feel they need a bit of extra help with balance training.

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